Network Design and Installation

Sharing data across your organisation and beyond is a necessity in 2024. But there are many options, a baffling array of equipment to choose from, and serious potential hazards, from open SMTP relays that spammers can tap into, to hackers ever willing to steal your data.

The Blue Lizard has the expertise to get your staff connected in a secure and efficient way. We can design and install network solutions from scratch, or add on extended functionality to an existing network, such as a wireless router, firewall, proxy server or VPNs for remote users.

The Blue Lizard will go through the options with you, reviewing the possibilities, providing advice and guidance. Contact us now to organise your free site visit and assessment.

Luminous network of lines

Network Maintenance

In order to help you maintain maximum productivity our weekly or monthly technical support package includes:

  • Ensuring the smooth running of your servers, firewall, routers and proxy and performing server upgrades.
  • Troubleshooting potential connectivity problems.
  • Maintaining group policies, Active Directory and network accounts.

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