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Web Design

Having a website is a necessity in 2024, for all types of organisations. It's also a lot easier and cheaper than it used to be. We can provide a complete design and hosting solution, from a simple 5-page site to large e-commerce projects.

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Where possible, and unless specifically instructed otherwise, we design all our sites using Internet standards including XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets, according to the Web Access Initiative from the World Wide Web Consortium (upon which the RNIB accessibility guidelines are based). This results in increased accessibility for your customers and reduced development and maintenance costs for you.

We are also able to develop scripts and web applications with MySQL, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, Perl and Flash.

Our prices depend on the complexity of the project, so please contact us for an estimate.


We can also provide a complete hosting solution for the sites we develop or modify, including scripting support and email. Prices start at 40 per year.

Please contact us for an estimate tailored to your needs or to discuss your hosting options.

Websites that you control at all times

We know that it is sometimes important to be able to update or customise your website yourself as and when required. But existing commercial and open source CMSs often fall short of expectations. That's why we have created our own CMS.

It's easy to use, easy to control, and very flexible. It includes a full WYSIWYG editor, so that the published pages appear exactly as you intended. With our CMS, you can not only change any text portions of your website, in appearance as well as in actual text, but also change pictures, general website look and feel, and even create private sections for members only. It makes administering your website a simple and fun job, even if you know nothing of web design or development.

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